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Risk assessment and compliance made accurate.

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For All Merchant Types

LegitScript is the only merchant monitoring solution recognized or recommended by both Visa and MasterCard for pharmacy certification and monitoring, and is the only monitoring solution with a certification program that meets both card brands’ requirements.

Confidently assess merchant risk so you can take action before it results in fines, damages your reputation, or threats to public safety. LegitScript helps you onboard all merchants who are in compliance and keep out those who aren’t — even those in high-risk categories such as internet pharmacies, dietary supplements, tobacco products, adult content, gambling, and more.

We take accuracy seriously.

How accurate is your current solution? 80%? 70%? Even as low as 60%? Is your staff wasting time following up on inaccurate results?
Let's change that.

You get industry-leading expertise.

Don’t just rely on automated processes where mistakes can creep in. LegitScript combines robust algorithms with a team of human experts to give you precise and in-depth merchant analysis, categorization, and explanation that you can confidently stand behind. Our experts and extensive proprietary data are trusted by some of the smartest companies in the world — not to mention governments and public institutions. All of this expertise is yours with our compliance portal.

Security works best when the interest is mutual.

The same modern infrastructure and best practices that we use to safeguard our own data and IP are the same we use for yours.

LegitScript Compliance Portal